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What is Musical Hot-rodding? 

Just like hot-rodding a car, we can take a guitar (or anything else that makes noise) and turn it into a headturning, show stopping rock and roll machine!

Whether it's a new look, a new feel or a new sound, hot-rodding a guitar is an affordable and special way to breathe new life into an instrument and to inspire you again.

Just like building a Jordan Reynolds Custom, with hot-rodding there is no limit to what we can do. With access to state of the art powder coating and plating, custom metal and plastic fabricating, and even jewellers we can work with you to really make your guitar your own. 

Our in-house team is able to cater for one-off parts fabrication and construction, achieving the highest quality paintwork, electronics and other modifications and enhancements.

We have fresh minds and creative outlooks - are we're not limited to guitars! We like new challenges where we can use our decade of experience and hard work to add value and creativity to your musical  instruments. Yes - we like to try new and exciting things! 


If you've ever had a crazy idea, let us make it reality!

-Custom Paintwork and Graphics/ Relicing 


-Custom Amp Enclosures

-Neck reshaping 

-New hardware etc

-New and Custom Electronics

-Personalised hardware and coatings 

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