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Repairs and service

Setup and Service

A well executed service and setup can make a huge difference to an instrument.
From the professional musician to a first-time guitar owner, every instrument we touch gets the same quality treatment and attention to detail.
Services on Electric guitars start from $100 and Acoustics from $80.


Fret wear and tear is a natural part of guitar playing but is something that many people worry about. But there is no need to be concerned. From a light fret level for a high fret, removing wear, or a complete refret we will bring your guitar back to optimal playing order.
We are also the only repairers in town specialising in Stainless Steel refrets!
Many repairers won't work with Stainless Steel because of the extra time and care required and the damage it causes to most tooling. Here at The Sound Garage we have spent a decade honing our craft to make sure we offer only the best quality materials for the best quality results.
Fret levels start from $80 and a Complete Refret from $400.

Major Repairs

Many years of bringing damaged guitars back from the dead for C.F. Martin, Gibson, Fender, Taylor and other makers has given us a set of hands capable of taking on any job. 
From small brace cracks through to necks snapped clean in half, we will fix and make sure your pride and joy is brought back to (if not better than) its former glory. 
Major neck resets, cracked  sides, broken head stocks, impact damage are just a few examples of problems we can deal with. In fact, almost everything can fixed with the right time and skills!

Paint Work

Many luthiers struggle to achieve good quality paint and lacquer work - the attention to detail needed on a guitar is much greater than on a car or piece of furniture. Nothing but the best is acceptable to us and proudly, we offer the best. 
We regularly do work for many other repairers around Australia on jobs they aren't confident to tackle themselves. Results speak louder than anything else!
Small touchups, respraying of damaged areas and complete resprays are all possible.
We happily offer more than just repair work too - head over to the Hot Rod page for more info. 


We've all had the one crackly switch, or the jack that pops when you move or a preamp that hisses when you point due north on a Friday and play a G. 
But we don't limit ourselves to replacing jacks and cleaning pots. Pickup installs, rewiring and mods, even fitting custom circuits and on-board pedals are regular jobs on our benches.
We stock or can source pickups/preamps for all major acoustic and electric brands.
And we'll give you a discount on the install. 

Turn Around times

No more waiting a week or two for a setup! 
Nobody wants to have their favourite thing in the world sitting in the Jobs Waiting pile, We'll have your instrument back in your eager hands as soon as possible.
Most setups are ready with 48 hours and we offer a same day service when ever possible. 
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